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2020-21 Remote Learning Program

The Child Unique has had a robust remote learning program for children since March, 2020.  It involves several components, which allows parents the ability to select what is best for their family lifestyle, their child’s developmental and academic needs and interests. Currently we are providing Remote Learning only if a classroom must be quarantined due to Covid-19.


Components of the Program

Interactive Zoom Lessons:

The teacher presents sequential academic lessons in language and math, allowing the students to respond (or just watch if they tend to be observers). The lessons last approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the age and level of the students. These lessons will provide face time with the teacher.


Interactive Circle/Group Time:

The teacher holds daily circle time with the children, allowing for music, special cultural discussions and reading.

1:1 Time:
Teacher are connecting with families 1:1 each week. If you’d like that time to be via zoom, rather than on the phone – and with your child directly, please let us know.


Work Plans:

The school sends out daily work plans, with activities for children, some guided by their parent in language, math, practical living skills, sensorial development and cultural studies. The work plan aligns the cultural information with the cultural calendar of students in school; the other academic areas are designed according to the academic needs of the students in the cohort.


Periodic Drop Offs:

At particular times, we will make some simple materials available to you, to enhance your remote experience. Please make sure that we have your current address, so there is no confusion.


Our process is as follows:

The remote teacher prepares the work plan based on the academic and developmental level of the students (divided into groups).  The subjects are language arts (reading and writing), mathematics, sensorial development, and cultural studies.  This is approximately 3 hours of preparation per daily work plan.


The work plan is reviewed by the Head of School for completion, robustness, variety, cross-connection with what is happening with in-person learning, connection with tools with which parents have access. This is approximately 1/2 hour daily.


The parent special information is researched by the Head of School for submission.  This is approximately 1/4 to 1/2 hour daily.  


The work plan is reviewed for link correction and final review by the office staff. This is approximately 1/4 hour daily. 


The work plan is put together with submissions and formatted in Constant Contact by office staff. This is approximately 1/2 hour daily. 


The Remote Learning Teacher prepares lessons for the 5 learning sessions. This is approximately 2.5 hours daily. 


The office staff will spot review the zoom lessons for punctuality, child interest, teacher preparation, and content.  Based on what we did at the end of the last school year, this will be approximately 2 hours weekly.



As Montessori education is multi-aged, so is our Remote Learning program. It will be able to cover students from Primary through Lower Elementary. Currently, students are approximately 4-6 years old.


Parents enroll their student for 2, 3 or 5 days (you will receive remote learning information and links on the respective days).



Students have five (5) interactive Zoom sessions daily – four academic and one circle:

9:00am      9:30am      11:00am      11:30am      2:00pm



The teacher/Montessori guide is Marisela Mascorro, who has 16+ years of experience teaching and is a trained Montessori teacher. Mari has been one of the Directors over the remote learning program, advising teachers, and enhancing work plans during the Spring session.

The Zoom lessons are divided into two groups, according to where the students are in math and language arts.  However, as is the case in the classroom, any child can attend any session. If the lesson is more complicated, the teacher will just allow the child to observe and enjoy. There will be four lessons daily for students (two in math; two in language arts).

Required Information
Our work plans and Zoom lesson program continues to be something that you can ultimately ‘lean in or lean out’ as you choose. Things that do not connect with your time frame, knowledge set or comfortability can be let go. Our program is designed to offer some of the same academic lessons in varied format – much like the Montessori classroom.

The teacher will reach out to parents 1:1 via phone each week. If you would like goals set for your child, please request a goal-setting meeting.



As the remote learning parents are also a cohort of The Child Unique, we will have a meeting of remote families, to encourage you to connect with each other – even if that is remote, so that your children can have a fuller social experience. 


2 days (Th/F)                     $618.75

3 days (M-W)                     $873.75

5 days (M-F)                      $1,166.25

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