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Cleaning, Disinfection and Ventilation

Note: We recognize that cleaning and disinfecting are not the same. Our process involves disinfecting materials continually. Items to be cleaned, are cleaned and then disinfected.

We have hired and trained dedicated, fulltime disinfecting staff (one per campus), who disinfect materials in classrooms and surfaces in bathrooms all day.  Each classroom is provided with laminated “yield” signs. Children place a yield sign on every material they use, and return it to the shelf. The Disinfector is trained to look for and remove materials with yield signs, disinfect the material and the yield sign and return it to the shelf. Result: Every single time a child touches a material, it is disinfected. No material used by a child, has been touched before being disinfected. Every time a child uses the bathroom, the toilet, handle and the doorknob are disinfected.

Cleaning/Disinfecting daily and weekly: In addition, classrooms including hard surfaces and floors are fully cleaned and disinfected daily and weekly.

Minimizing of Shared items: As shown above, we have a one touch system for students and staff. Students do not use items that have not been disinfected. Students have their own box of pencils, colored pencils, glue sticks, etc. Teachers and admin have gone through classrooms to minimize unnecessary items. Teachers have been asked to label everything in closets, with nothing that is unnecessary in the closets.


  1. Classrooms are visited by administrative personnel to observe the fidelity of this process.

  2. We are recipients of an in-kind grant through Samuel Merritt University, providing student nurses who come periodically to each campus and observe/provide input to our process.

  3. Admin monitor extra items in classrooms and closets, and all parent donations.

Ventilation (systems): We have installed HEPA filter air filtration building systems in two campuses.  These systems operate 24 hours and remove 99.9% of infectious particles. At our Taylor Ave campus, we have installed separate units in each classroom, based on the square footage of each room, and designed by an air quality expert.

Ventilation (circulation): All classrooms have windows that are clearly able to remain open and doors that open to the outside air.

Air Quality Process: We have an air quality protocol designed by a scientist and air quality expert. During times of compromised air quality, we will adhere to the air quality protocol, which defines when doors and windows may be open, and when children may be outside. During those times, indoor air filtration systems will be on and spacing of children within cohorts will be maximized.

Accountability: We held a parent meeting with our expert to explain the situation with air, ventilation and appropriate protocol. Our Sustainability Committee will monitor our responses to ventilation. Administrative staff will send notices regarding air circulation and will check compliance.

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