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Size: We maintain cohorts of 8 (toddler) to 10 students (preschool through elementary). Each cohort has two dedicated teachers (7am -3pm and 10am – 6pm) who do not cross over into other classrooms. Our elementary cohorts will be stable for a minimum of four weeks and our preschool cohorts will be stable for a minimum of three to four weeks. 

Substitute teachers: When substitute teachers are required we are utilizing our disinfectors and leadership team to eliminate outside cross contamination.

Indoor identification spacing: Each student has separate clear, labeled, plastic boxes containing the following:

  1. Academic/art box with graphite and colored pencils, glue stick and in some classrooms – crayons.

  2. Bento snack box with a lid containing snack in two food groups, for the day

Outside cohort scheduling: Playground times and lunchtimes are staggered so that only one cohort is on the yard at a time. Campuses with separated yard space, have dedicated outside space for a cohort.

Masking: Upon entrance, all students over 2 years of age are expected to mask. Additional masks are available at school for students who do not have a mask.

Bathrooms: Each cohort has its own assigned bathroom shared to eliminate crossover during trip to the facilities.

Accountability: Parents are informed of the size and composition of their child’s cohort. Our school has cameras in each classroom, so parents and administration are able to observe the cohort stability in real time.

Cohort Encouragement: Parents are provided contact information (with permission) of other families within their cohort and receive regular encouragement to connect safely within their child’s cohort outside of school hours. All school activities are limited within the cohort. No schoolwide events are planned for the 20-21 school year.

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