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Covid-19 Reopening Protocol

“Love redefines and redesigns distance as community heartfelt space.” 

As I wrote that sentence, it felt like a world of what is possible became more real, as we redesigned the school space and the year of 2020-2021. On behalf of our staff, we welcome you to a courageous, creative, community-filled school year. If you felt you knew community connection, I call you to be community in a way you have never felt possible. As your cohort becomes a special connection for your child and family, this is the year to reach in, reach out, and keep each other safe. This year is not for those who cannot be rule followers. This is the year to do the best that we can to hold our school family safe.

Our Response to COVID-19

The Child Unique Montessori School/Montessori Elementary Intermediate School of Alameda (TCU/MEISA) follows rigorous protocols for Covid-19 health practices to keep our school environment healthful for students, staff, and parents.

We created our protocols by combining information from school leaders in China and Taiwan, the guidelines from the CDC, the Alameda County Health Department and other county health departments. State and county health officials continue to learn more about the Covid-19 virus and are revising their guidance as they learn more.  We realize that our protocol is stricter than the guidelines from the health officials. As officials become more solidly certain about Covid-19 and similar communicable diseases, we may be able to ease our protocol.

Until then, during this period of restrictions and revised protocols we ask that our families and staff adhere to all our elevated requirements that have been articulated in the school’s Basic Policies and other Admissions Agreement documents (also outlined here).  If you would like a PDF version of this document please click Covid-19 Reopening Protocol.

Below are the major steps we take daily to assure the health and safety of our students, staff and parents:

Our Covid-19 Reopening Protocol:

Our Response to Covid-19
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