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Entrance, Egress, and Movement within the School

At this time, parents are requested to remain outside the classroom and school office.

Children with challenges entering school with our valet greeter may enter with their parent – masked. We have picnic tables outside at each campus for parent and child to sit together to allow time for a smooth transition.

We have eliminated school tours and specialty teachers for the year.

We have limited the staff from our other campuses from entering.  Each campus is limited to the teachers of that class, the director, the students, and our office staff.

Entrance and Valet: We are providing staggered one-way valet drop-off and pick up service during peak times to reduce the number of parents coming onto the campuses. Parents (whether driving, walking or biking) sign up for a 15-minute arrival option:

8:00 – 8:15      8:15 – 8:30      8:30 – 8:45      8:45 – 9:00

Parents use an app notification system (Glympse), to inform the school when they are arriving. Disinfectors at each campus handle arrival, doing well checks, which include temperature taking, and signed agreements from parents (via electronic, hands-free device) that no one in their household has been symptomatic in a 48-hour period. After 9am, parents notify the office that they are coming, and bring their child to the door for a temperature and well check. 

We have designated specific entrances for parents to use for drop-off and pick-up at each campus, for each classroom to eliminate clustering of groups of parents and students. Parents who bike or walk remain at a 6’ – 10’ distance while waiting to sign in. All Taylor campus classrooms have doors leading to the outside parking lot. Preschool campuses have separate (west or eastside) areas for late arrival or departure. For both entrance and egress, cars enter and exit in a loop manner (Taylor campus) or traveling one way (preschool campuses) when dropping off or exiting.

Afterschool: All students remain in the same cohort for before and after care. There is no shifting of students or comingling of cohorts. Teachers shifts are divided (7:00-3:00 and 10:00 – 6:00) so that teachers can remain with the same cohort.

Egress and Valet:  From 2:30-3:30, parents use Glympse to inform the school of their arrival. The app sends an email to the school inbox, sounds a tone into the office, and on the cell phone of the Disinfector, who escorts child out to the parent (who arrives via car, bike or foot).  After 3:30, parents inform the classroom via Glympse, and come to the classroom door.

Accountability: Parents, including the Parent Council, and school administration observe the carline. Periodic survey of parents regarding the carline.

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