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Physical Distancing

Classroom divisions: Shelves and trees are positioned as dividers, so that children have space. Additionally, all classrooms have three “L-shaped” or singular plexiglass, wood framed, child/student sized room dividers, to break up any area where children might tend to pass or visit. These dividers are clear for supervision and to allow the children to have the feeling of connection. 

Classroom tables: Most tables are set as individual tables. Two-person tables are set with sneeze guards across the table width. All tables are separated by space, or by shelves and trees.  

Outdoors: Lunch times and lunch location are staggered to allow cohorts the space required to be safely distanced while unmasked while eating for 20 minutes or so.

Outside divisions: Tables are marked with blue tape to indicate where seating should occur, to ensure safe distances. Some classes sit in a marked area, distanced, on chairs.

Inclement weather: In inclement weather, students will eat indoors. Taylor campus preschool and elementary students will either eat in their classrooms or some will eat indoors in the gym at marked tables with dividers. Only one cohort will eat in the hall at one time. The hall is ventilated with open windows and doors. The Disinfector will completely disinfect the area, if another group is to enter for lunch.

Circle/Group Time: Teachers are encouraged to hold group times outdoors, air and weather permitting. Students will sit, with distance markers (tape). 

Outside Games: Teachers are encouraged to include outside music for dancing, and outside non-contact games which support distance.

Routines: All classes have scheduled yard times (10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00), with a separate schedule for compromised air quality.

Isolation room to separate someone who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness: In accordance with State law, we have an isolation area for anyone exhibiting signs of illness. We will use that area to separate anyone with any infectious symptoms, including symptoms of COVID-19, until they leave the facility.

Accountability: Observation by administration

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