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Taylor, Pacific, and Encinal Campuses Closed Friday, November 15 due to Wildfire-related Air Quality Issues

Dear Parents,

The air quality due to the recent fires has been worsening in our area since last week. This morning, the air quality indicator was at 192, which is well above the “unhealthy” level.

Midday, Peralta Colleges issued a schoolwide closure. Urban Montessori School and several other schools followed with closures for today and tomorrow.

We contacted the Alameda Public Health Department and Bay Area Quality Management District and we have decided that the Taylor, Pacific, and Encinal campuses will close tomorrow.  The Taylor campus is most vulnerable, as most children need to leave the building to go to the restroom.  Although our toddlers do not, we have seen the differing air in the hall from the door being opened and closed, so they are not immune.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we feel that this is a safety issue.

We encourage you to pick up your child early and remain indoors today.

We will not have school tomorrow (Friday).  


We do not have the possibility to house children at either of the other campuses, and it is possible that the other campuses will close as well.  I will wait for the announcement from AUSD before making that determination.  However, the Taylor Campus will definitely be closed tomorrow. Following the the Alameda Unified School District decision to close AUSD schools tomorrow, we will also be closing all campuses tomorrow.

We plan to be open on Monday, as expectation from the BAQMD is that the air quality will improve over the weekend.


Dr. Cindy Acker

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