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Staff Training and Family Education

Staff training: Our teachers are trained in and following our new Covid-19 Health Practices. These practices are updated as new information is provided by the CDC, state and local health departments (See training manual; COVID-19 Health Practices).

Staff were trained via zoom and in person.  Individuals with English language challenges were positioned with individuals who could support their understanding, where possible.

Where possible, staff who were away for any period of time, were re-trained. 

Parents were presented with a Covid-19 protocol PowerPoint along with a Question & Answer.  The PowerPoint is sent to all new parents, prior to enrollment of their child in school (See: School Health Protection Protocol). We have periodic parent meetings, and will continue to do so, to update parents on aspects of our protocol.

Our Parent Handbook has an added section titled Covid-19 Modifications that elaborate our procedures and protocols that vary from prior years. Our parents are requested to review it thoroughly. It can be found under Enrollment and Resources or click Parent Handbook 2020-2021.

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