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TCU Covid-19 Quarantine and Isolation Timelines – Updated 1/3/2022

Dear Parents,

We have had an excellent record of no Covid cases in school, and we hope to remain in that state through this predicted surge if possible. We will work as hard as we can, and we hope you will as well.  Parents who began this journey with us in May 2020 have been serious and diligent and we hope that parents who have returned or have begun the school year with us, will travel through this next thirty days as diligently as before.

However, since things can arise, we are sharing below and on our website - what you need to know in case of exposure or infection.

Please pay attention to your evening and weekend activities to stay safe and 'care on the side of caution'.

Thank you so much for your cooperation as we continue our goal of maintaining our healthy school community.


Cindy Acker and Sarah McArthur LeValley

TCU Covid-19 Quarantine and Isolation Timelines

Please see the TCU/MEISA Covid-19 Quarantine and Isolation Timelines outlined below.

We are aware that the CDC, as well as many counties and states, have modified quarantine and isolation periods due to varying circumstances. We are also aware that some districts or health departments have chosen to modify or continue with their current guidelines. Similarly, because we serve a very vulnerable population, unvaccinated children, the policy at TCU/MEISA will meet or exceed all other guidelines for the health and safety of our student and teacher population.



Isolation keeps someone who is sick or tested positive for COVID-19 without symptoms, away from others, even in their own home.


Quarantine keeps someone who was in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 away from others

Close Contact Exposure

Exposure within six feet of someone for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period

If a child or staff tests positive:

  • Isolate for 10 days if test positive for Covid or at the onset of Covid symptoms.  

  • Students and teachers may return to school after 10 days if fever-free AND symptom-free.  

  • If any symptoms are present, do not return to school.

If a child or staff has been exposed to someone with Covid:

  • Regardless of vaccination status, quarantine for 14 days following the last day of close contact exposure to someone with positive Covid test or Covid symptoms.

  • Test after day 5, day 7-10 and end of day 14 of Quarantine to assess health status.

If living with a person who has tested positive the quarantine period begins after the infected person's isolation period is complete.

If students or teachers develop symptoms or test positive during the Quarantine period please begin Isolation protocol. 

Student or staff member must receive a negative test before returning to school.

Example of quarantine after exposure:  

Isolation of a person who tested positive lasts 10 days, then Quarantine for family members starts on day 11.

Quarantine lasts 14 additional days. 

Total days is 24 days.

If a staff member tests positive and we are advised to quarantine a class, it will be for 14 days. If so, we will move to remote learning for all school days within that time period. 

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