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About The Child Unique

We want children to do more than just learn. We want them to think. We want them to think about what they think about. And then to take that understanding, to be changed by it, And then to change the world. And we believe that this begins here. It’s preschool that will transform the world.

The Child Unique Montessori School has a history of over 38 years of a commitment to fulfill the progressive needs of education and the emotional evolving needs of a child. We have always been a leader in challenging how a preschool/kindergarten can be in the world. Our underlying foundation, which enhances our Montessori philosophy, is a strong cultural curriculum and commitment to creating children who will be leaders of a peaceful, better world.

What makes a parent choose The Child Unique?

  • We have not only small ratios, but small classes

  • We have always honored families of all compositions and cultures

  • We have staff who hold 10 – 20 years of longevity

  • We have a strong cultural program, which teaches inclusion and honor

  • We encourage children to be confident learners and shapers of the world.

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